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[Source] Rose cut gemstones

Hi all,

I’m looking for some rose cut stones: rubies (muddy), labradorite,
spectralite, rose quartz, smokey quartz, maybe some tourmaline or
sapphire. I like a more natural muted shade of sapphire. Anyone have
any good sources?

thanks in advance.
Amery Carriere Designs

I bought a couple of rose cut gemstones at an auction a couple of
weeks ago because I really like the cut but I’m having a hard time
finding suppliers that sell this kind of cut. Does anyone have any
suggestions or referrals?

Thanks, Cassandra.
Cassandra Bazos

Stachura sells them. Not a huge selection, but I have purchased
garnet, amethyst, different colored quartz. Very pretty.

You don’t have to order a large lot. If you contact them, I’m sure
they can accommodate your needs.

Rock Deco

Esta Jo Schifter

I also have a recent love of rose cut stones and am excited to hear
your answers to this. I have also been trying to find a good source
of double checkerboard cut stones with no luck, so if anyone is
familiar with a source for those, I would appreciate it.


You could ask on the USFG (US Faceter’s Guild) yahoogroups
discussion list.



i have rosecut Gemstones and diamonds.

Kapil Jain.