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[Source] Recycled brass sheet and wire

Does anyone have a source for recycled brass sheet and wire in
multiple gauges?

Thank you,

Ashley, I obtain my brass and copper sheet, as well as other shapes,
from Salvation Army and other local thrift shops by purchasing their
silver plated trays, bowls and other implements. The British made
items are often plated 18ga copper but US made stuff is usually over
20-22 ga brass. AND, you get some beautiful embossing along with it.
Some will be yellow brass, some white brass and some on steel. In
time, you will learn to tell the difference. Copper wire can be
purchased from Home Depot or electrical supply store by the foot or
yard (it is 90% recycled). Brass wire is a bit more difficult to
find. You might try a local metal scrap dealer. Cheers,

Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL.