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[Source] Rectangular tubing?

has anyone ever seen a source for rectangular tubing?I checked the
best source I know of today, the metalliferous catalog online. no
luck there. approx 8mm x 6mm or around there.

Fusion Studio

Can you make your own in a rolling mill from round? I haven’t tried
it but now I might, just to see if it will work. Eve Welts, certified
PMC instructor

Hi, Ande

Metalliferous does indeed have rectangular tubing-- just not in the
catalog. But I have bought it from them. So give them a call and ask.

Incidentally, there have been both praise and complaints about
courtesy issues at Metalliferous. I have encountered people on the
phone there who would provoke both types of reaction. The woman who
helped with the rectangular tubing was great, and went to
considerable trouble to make sure I got what I wanted. I hope you
get her! Good luck!


You didn’t indicate what type of rectangular tubing you were looking
for. If it’s a base metal, brass or aluminum, try your hardware
store or a model (trains, airplanes, etc.). These stores usually
carry rectangular, square & oval tubing in various sizes.


Can you make your own in a rolling mill from round? 

Hello Eve,

FYI, Project 24 (pp.154-6) in Alan Revere’s “Professional
Goldsmithing” goes into some detail on doing basically this although
in his case it’s square tubing that’s being made.

The technique he describes is based on using a square core to form
the square tubing and then stretching the core so that the tubing
slides off. With a few adjustments in the process the same idea might
well work for making rectangular tubing, assuming of course that one
has access to rectangle-holed drawplates in the shape and size

Trevor F.