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[Source] Rectangular tubing

Friends-- Does anyone know of a source for rectangular tubing? I have
a design in mind that would be much simpler with such, if it is
available. I have flexibility as to size. It would not be
cost-effective to make my own. Thanks!


Here is a site that does have rectangular silver tubing:

This is for microwave wave guides, but they do list some small

Hoover and Strong might have some but I can not get their site to
load beyond the logo.


One of the first places to look for tubing is but
they probably don’t have precious metals. You can lose days in the
most enjoyable way looking at their catalog, however, so request or
download one even if they don’t have just the tubing you want!


Hello Noel, Stuller carries square and oval 14KY tubing. Rio
carries square sterling tubing. Haven’t seen rectangular. If no
one has a source for the rectangular tubing, you might combine 2
pieces of the square tubing to make your rectangular tube. Good
luck! Judy in Kansas


Thanks to those who responded so promptly to my inquiry.
Metalliferous does carry some rectangular tubing, though it is not
in their catalog yet. Atwall does as well–I’ve emailed them for
more detail, though they seem to have a rather large minimum order
(25’?) which, if applicable, would be more than I could use in a
couple of lifetimes. One way or the other, I should be able to work
something out.


Hoover and Strong does have tubing , round and square, in light,
medium, heavy and extra-heavy wall. It comes in 14k yellow, 14k
white, 18k royal yellow, 950plat/ruth and Sterling silver.
Smallest size is 1mm round,light; largest is 9.50mm round, heavy
wall. Square comes in about 15 widths, depending on thickness. Dee