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[Source] Rectangular sand casting flasks?

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Does anyone know of a source where I can purchase rectangular sand
casting flasks that are reasonably priced in the U. S. You know the
old school kind that you can stand up vertically for pouring. I don’t
understand why the delft clay comes with the cylinder shaped flasks
that only work horizontal. You are very limited to the designs you
can make with these.

I guess because they are cheaper to make they supply only these

In the U. S. searches online I’ve only seen one brand of
manufactured rectangular sand casting flasks available to jewelers
and they are ridiculously priced at 50 or 60 dollars for a 5 inch
long set. I would even consider purchasing from across the pond and
pay more due to shipping rather than buy the only one that cornered
the entire North American continent market.

Is there anywhere where these simple pieces are 20 or 30 bucks and
would save me a lot of time of making one?


Contenti has it. Look for “sand casting”. They stock rectangular

Karen Christians

I enjoy casting with delft clay. It is easy to work and can be
reused. The flask that comes with the kit is, however, very limited
in size. I made a bigger one by cutting a piece of 8" long 2"
diameter PVC pipe lengthwise and inserting locator pins. Once you get
it set up, you can cast from the top. I made another flat one using
the PVC boards that you can buy at Lowes etc. I cut two 8" long by 5"
wide pieces and cut out the inside creating a frame. Again you need
to install locator pins. Angle the cut out so that it locks in the
clay when you compact it. You can also undercut a relief around the
ID of the cutout to create a key to hold the clay in place as you
assemble the flask. I work this flat and pour from one end or the
other making sure to install a vent on the opposite end. Also make
sure that you have enough melted metal to fill the mold and create
the pressure needed to push it o the other end of the pour.
Obviously, you keep the torch away from the plastic. Both flasks work
well. Another suggestion. To create a fireproof work area, I bought a
piece of damaged hardeboard (tile backer) for $5 and cut it into
smaller workable pieces that I can use to assemble a temporary tent
to cast inside of. It also works to contain heat if you are making a
big melt. Pictures if you want them. Rob

Rob Meixner

You can get them from Indian Jewelry Supply for $35. The whole kit
was $45 when I bought it, but that was a while back…

FWIW, their catalog download and search was the most cumbersome and
slow I have seen in a long time. But I’ve always liked the company.


Yeah, $21 at Contenti is a MUCH better deal!