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[Source] Ready Made Chain


Hello All, Quick question (I think). Does anyone have a good source
for ready made chain? Not the everyday chains but the more speciality
double loop in loop chains and such? I’m not yet ready to make my own
chains, that stay together anyway, and was hoping there was a good
source or two that I could purchase from. Pre-cut or on rolls. Thanks,


I use silver chain. MS Company in Massachusettes has very nice chain
and so does Myron Toback on 47th St. in NYC. There are many chain
companies in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area. The MJSA
trade show has many chain company exhibitors.This show is held in NYC
and also Providence Rhode Island. Diane Sadel (JD Findings & Benad


Tee- Metalliferous, in New York City (212-944-0909), sells handmade
fine silver chain (cut from a spool). They carry the double and
quadruple (or “two-way” double) in a number of sizes, as well as one
or two other patterns. They sell the chain by weight. The quality
is very good. If you are looking for 22k gold chains (single,
double, quadruple, pinched roman, etc.), please contact me off-list
– I may be able to help you.

Neda Nassiri


Tee, I would try Myron Tobak or Metalliferous in New York. Myron
Tobak’s number is 800-223-7550 and Metalliferous is 212-944-0644. Good
luck! Vera


Myron Toback in NYC
25 West 47th St.
Tel (212) 398-8300
FAX (212) 869-0808

34 W. 46th St
Tel (212) 944-0909
Fax (212)944-0644

Both have catalogs. I think Metalliferous has a web site, but I
couldn’t locate it. You can purchase be the inch/foot etc. I don’t
know about mail order but the folks at Metalliferous has some of the
nicest, most patient people around. Toback’s always been good to me