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[Source] Raw diamonds

I am looking for a source of raw diamonds to set in pieces of
jewelry. I saw some at the Tucson show, but I haven’t seen any since
then. Any good ideas?

Lauren Stineman
Brighter Shade of Blue


For raw diamond crystals, try Mark at Rock Deco.

Steve Brixner…Kenneth Glasser has a good selection, his prices
are high… is another vendor, lower prices,slower
responses, I also know two individuals that sell them - contact me
off list and I’ll give you their link if you need it after everyone
weighs in


A Google search turns up many resources for rough (not “raw”)
diamonds. Jewelry Artist magazine, formerly Lapidary Journal always
carried ads from Kenneth Glasser, another reliable source. Oh, I
heard Rock & Gem mag has bitten the bullet…too bad for us


I am looking for a source of raw diamonds to set in pieces of
jewelry. I saw some at the Tucson show, but I haven't seen any
since then. 

First be prepared for possible sticker shock. Then again, this was
meant to be cut (into high quality stones). These two places can
absolutely be trusted.

At the second you may also want to ask about lower grades, I2 maybe,
or less etc. (minimum order $350 for any order on anything). I am
sure there are other places as well, I think someone on the rough
for sale list (caution needed) once had some etc. Most (places) if
they ever get any it is only once in a blue moon. Except those only
available to those in the trade. Still you may wish to keep looking.

Hi Lauren,

If by raw diamonds, you mean rough diamonds, I have some that are of
high quality, IF to VS.

I hope this helps.
Linda McMurray G.G., A.J.P. (GIA)

Hello Lauren,

I have rough diamonds, can you tell me a little more about what you
are looking for specifically.

Stephen, in San Antonio

is There suck a thing as a Raw diamond? I guess there is if you are
serving the ‘uncooked variety’ Other than that try a search on Rough
diamonds, diamond crystals, or industrial diamonds. Know the
difference and do not get ripped off on a little brown cube that is
way overpriced because there is a current ‘trend’ that makes people
want an alternative. When Carrie Adel and Michael Zobel were doing
this back in the 80s you could get a bag or industrial diamond
crystals very cheap.

wayne werner