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[Source] Propane furnace

Hi every body, I am looking for a propane furnace, for precious metal
melting. Does anyone know of a supplier? Thank you, Nasser

Go to ( rec.crafts.metalworking group ) and you can find anthing
you want about metelting metal.
Bill D.

Hi Nasser: You might want to try Pyramid Products Co, 85357 American
Canal Road, Niland, Califlornia 92257. (760) 354-4265. These units
operate on natural gas, propane or butane.

Pyramid manufactures gas-fired melting furnaces in the $400-$700
range (approx.). The company also sells all the odds and ends you need
for working with these kinds of melts, such as pyrometers, pick-up
tongs, high-volume regulators, etc.

They also have a small catalog, but I don’t remember how much it is.
(But it’s only a very few dollars).

Hope this helps.

Jeff Booth
Oakville, Ontario, Canada