[Source] Precision cut faceted beads

Hi there,

I hope you can help me, I am desperately searching for a quality
source of precision cut precious and semi precious faceted beads.
Previous to Swarovski flooding the market with their product I used
their beads, that being the case I can no longer used their product.
My work is highly detailed and high end and I need to find a source
that can provide good quality beads with consistent size, shape,cut
and colour. The hole size is soooo important, I use head pins and
they have to fit. I do not have time to re-drill holes… it takes
time and patience to create my jewellery. I use thousands of beads
at a time and I do not have time to waste on drilling.

I understand that there will be high costs involved but I am
prepared for that. I have dealt with some of the well known sources
of faceted beads and so far I have not been able to find what I am
looking for.

I cant tell you how much I would appreciate you help.

Yours most sincerely
Tina Ashmore
Dublin, Ireland