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[Source] Pre-made wedding bands

hi all

one guy ask a question about where to buy pre-made wedding
bands/rings i have a family member getting married and i said i can
make them there rings!!

i don’t have all the tools needed to get the right sizes in wax Is
there a jewellery suppliers that sell waxed rings of differing sizes
and shapes ready to sprow up you said that there was,in a message to
the other guy on your forum if you could give me a website address
that would be grate

many thanks

as to sources for pre made wedding bands I’d suggest Tripp’s Inc.
they do mail order and make pre made wedding bands in 14 kt. as well
as a lot of u-set items that can be a boon to the small jeweller who
doesn’t mind using an oft repeated design. I’ve dealt with them for
years and they are quite reliable. look up “Tripp’s Inc jewellery” on
your search engine and they’ll show up. I heartily reccommend them.

If you are looking for wax pattern wedding bands, try Wilson’s wax
patterns in Florida. They have a great selection.