[Source] Pre enameled sheet

Hey, I’ve seen some pieces lately using pre-enameled sheet and since
I do not have the facilities but want to experiment with enamel I
was wondering if anyone could help me with a supplier, preferably in
Britain. I had a quick search but couldn’t find anything.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Kind regards
Laura Honeker

Pre-enamelled steel - try M&CT Enamels of St Helens, Merseyside

also see Guild of Enamellers website

There is a Guild workshop in Liverpool on enamelling on Steel, end
of October.

best wishes

Hi Laura, I’m not sure why you think you need a pre-enameled sheet?
If you have the capability of firing ( by torch or kiln) enamel, you
don’t need to bother with paying extra for this or being constrained
by what is commercially available.

If you’ll post what it is you’re trying to accomplish, or what
problems you’ re anticipating, I’ll see if I can help you on Orchid
or find someone else who can.

Marianne Hunter

Thank you for the suggestions!

Hello Marianne. Well I don’t know much about enameling so I’m
looking to just play about with it when I’ve got the time. I’ve only
got a couple of hand flames which I’m guessing is not adequate for
enamel and am not looking to invest in a kiln for a few years as

I’m creating a small range of fun necklaces and brooches based
around song lyrics for an exhibition. I am making a very simple
statement necklet than is just lots of stars of different sizes and
metals linked together and piled on top of each other and thought
some enamel might jazz it up a bit as I’m using mostly copper and

I look forward to hearing from you again