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[Source] Post earring clutch

Does anyone know where I can obtain two-lever clutchs for post
earrings, similar to those used on tie tacks and some lapel pins?
A client saw this type of clutch on ear rings in AZ but was
unable to locate this type of clutch. Is anyone familiar with I
am talking about? If so, where can I purchase some? Thankyou.

John Franklin

John, I think this is called “La Pousette” backs . The posts
and backs are available from Stuller 800-877-7777. They work
really good unless the customer has long fingernails or
arthritis. The posts have to be shortened in most cases. Wendy

Hello Wendy,

Thankyou for the It will be much easier finding
and ordering earing posts and backs now that I know they are
called “La Pousette” backs.

Thankyou again.

John Franklin