[Source] PNP and ferric cloride in Canada

Does anyone know of a source for press n peel sheets and ferric
cloride in the london ontario region?

I looked hard for PNP in Ontario. I could not find any and finally
ordered it from the distributor. It came quickly and easily through

I just went to their website and there is a notice that they are
experiencing delays of some sort. In any case here is the website.

If you are in a serious rush for a small amount contact me directly.
I will try to help.

I am interested in Ontario suppliers of ferric nitrate, if someone
can point me in the right direction, thanks.


Red Bird Service (redbirdservice.com) is located in Indiana, but
ships to Canada. Their on-line catalog looks to include all of their
products and prices.

I just received their catalog and they have quite a selection of
solutions and chemicals.

Pam Farren
Newburyport, MA