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[Source] Platinum enhanced silver

Some time ago there was a thread espousing wonderful properties of
Platinum enhanced silver from ABI Precious Metals. My experience was
somewhat different so I decided to order some metal from ABI
Precious Metals to give it another try so 3 week ago I ordered 10 oz
in gage 12. Next day a guy, do not remember his name, called me back
and said that they cannot do gage 12 but they can do gage 16, to
which I agreed. He said it would take 2 weeks.

Yesterday, after waiting 3 weeks, I called them to find out about my
order. I was told that there were no order. I also was told that
nobody heard of me or ever talked to me about anything, and I was
offered to place another order, but it would take 2 weeks. I of
course refused the offer and after hanging up, I instructed the staff
to remove ABI Precious Metals from the list of potential suppliers. I
will never do business with them ever again.

My question is does anyone knows who can supply platinum enhanced
silver reliably?

Leonid Surpin.

I have posted about my order with ABI Precious Metals yesterday. I
want to let everybody know, that it was a misunderstanding, which is
resolved as of now. They have found my order and it will be shipped
in a next day or two. Mistakes do happen and it is sign of a great
company who follows up trying to resolve customer issues.

Leonid Surpin