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[Source] Photography - Graduated Background


Does anyone know of a source for smaller sized graduated backgrounds
to shoot my work against? I’ve been able to find sources for really
large sheets, but not anything more manageable, say approx. 18 x 24
or smaller.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Pam Farren
Newburyport, MA

I purchased graduated backgrounds in 22" x 15" from
They were $9.95 each. A link to their page is here:


Do you have a computer? If so it’s easily done. If not go to

Make your own.

Hi Pam,

    Does anyone know of a source for smaller sized graduated
backgrounds to shoot my work against? 

Here’s one way to get what you’re looking for. Create a background
that you like using Photoshop or a similar program. Have a slide
made of it. Take the slide to a local photo print shop and have
prints made in whatever sizes you want. Be sure to request a matte
finish. You can view what I use on my Orchid gallery page: What you’re seeing is a
background that is black for the top third and then shades to a
mauvish color.


Hi Pam,

I was never able to find any satisfactory gradient sheets to buy in
the sizes I need so I ended up printing gradient sheets on an Epson
inkjet printer on archival matte paper or professional semi gloss.
I’m able to customize the color spread and also size. I use mostly
4x5 inch or 5 by 7 inch but sometimes up to 8 1/2 by 11. If you
actually needed larger than that it could be a problem unless you had
access to a large format printer. These sheets have worked well for
me. I print them from Photoshop 7 or CS but I expect most imaging
editing programs would work as well.

Jima Abbott

My photographer runs his own graduated backgrounds off the computer
(not sure which program he does them in) maybe photo shop?? This way
he can control how quickly it turns from dark to light and he can run
any size so when shooting small pieces like earrings you can still
pick up a defined color gradation. I’ll try to find out how he does
it or maybe someone else on the forumn knows how.

Pam; Hello.

Can’t think of sources but have heard that you can create your own
in you can use Adobe Photoshop and a computer. I think Illustrator
or any program like it could be used to accomplish it also. You make
a graduated background using the color you want and a suitable grad
scale (long or short tonal rang, left, right, top, bottom, circular,
etc) and then print it out in the size you need.

Hope this helps.

I had a tough time finding it but finally did at the following link.
They have various sizes and colors of graduated background paper.
It’s great - but be careful as it has something similar to a powder
coat and will scuff if you’re careless.

Diane Almeyda

Another program that will allow you to create and control gradiated
backgrounds is MS Powerpoint. The quality of pixelation is sometimes
a problem if your computer can’t handle 600 dpi (or better) print
quality. If you can find non-glossy (matte?) photopaper, you’ll get
better quality results and shouldn’t get glare from the camera
flash. This was a great idea. I’ve got a lot of things I need to
photograph and will be trying this out.


Here is are links to some more sources:

Cynthia Eid