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[Source] Phosphoric acid

Was: Rust on tools

Where does one obtain phosphoric acid? Are there any dangers in
using it?


Most cola drinks have high phosphoric acid content, so in a pinch
you could use that if you can’t get the pure stuff. It is a food
additive so that might be one angle to use in the search, other than
that try chemical supply houses, like where you get nitric acid.

About all the help I can give.

Cheers, Thomas.
Janstrom Designs.

naval jelly and ospho primer are both phosporic acid based and
readilly available


Phosphoric acid is the main ingredient in many commercial rust
removers like Naval Jelly, Ospho etc. any hardware store will carry


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Phosphoric Acid is the basis of many industrial cleaners used around
factories and workshops. That tingle in your cool drink is probably
also a drop of Phosphoric acid it is used in the food industry I put
a small pair of long nosed pliers in some phosphoric and within an
hour there was no more rust and it has never been oiled again and
never rusted again it is phosphated. will most probably start
rusting on the hinges as the coating wears away.

It available at any chemical supply house in your city. Commercial
Phos will have to be diluted a bit for use as rust remover. Benefit
over Qxalic is that it leaves a lite phosphate layer on ferrous


get the ready to use stuff at any hardware store: Naval Jelly. Phos
mixed with a gelatinous binder so it sticks to srufaces better. Much
easier to use this way.