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[Source] Penny Brite Copper cleaner

Anyone have a good source for Penny Brite Copper cleaner? I’m
cleaning some larger etched pieces and seem to be going through the
jars really fast. I bought them some time ago and can’t remember

A larger jar or bulk quantity would be great. I’ve tried other
cleaners but really like this the best. I know some enamel suppliers
carry it, but I’m hoping for the larger amount/bigger jar.


For my copper cleaning—including large etched pieces which are to
be enameled, I use a simple home recipe which works just fine. 1
cup of salt, 1 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of flour. Mix well and
apply. It works just fine After cleaning with it, I neutralize any
acid residue with a mix of ammonia, liquid detergent, and some simple
green. I just sort of mix this last batch together without measuring
and use it as it not only neutralizes but removes any grease. It is
my all purpose cleaner. Sometimes I even toss in a little 409.
Nothing has exploded to date, so I am sure it is a perfectly safe

Also, for those interested in getting a green patina on copper,
just smear on a light coat of the salt, vinegar, flour mix. Let it
rest a while, rinse off, and you will have a great patina. As my
purpose in using the cleaner is not to get a patina, I have not given
it the test of time so don t know how permanent it is. Just giving
you this exta tidbit in case you want to try it.

I have heard that Penny Brite Copper cleaner is excellent, but as
my home brew works so well I have not bothered to change over to
using Penny Brite


I found this on the internet. I haven’t ordered from them as yet
however, but do plan to soon.


Hi Lin,

We carry a copper cleaner that’s wonderful for enameling as well as
cleaning all kinds of metal in preparation for patinaing. It’s

called No Name Patina Prep. Check out the following link:

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.
PO Box 890 * Clarkdale, AZ 86324
Ph-928/634-3434 * Ph-800/876-3434 * Fax-928/634-6734
E-mail- @Michele_Deborah_Bill