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[Source] Peach Sapphires

Hi all -

I have a problem, my customer picked out the peach colored sapphire
pictured in the Stuller catalog. I need two 3mm round stones. (side
stones for a wee wedding ring) When I tried to order it on-line it
didn’t come up so I called and was told that it is out of stock and
they have no idea when they will get in more.

I’ve done a search on the web and have not found any of that color -
I need more of a light peach rather than the orange padparadische

Does anyone know where I could get some - or have a favorite
supplier I could contact? I would be most grateful.

Thanks - what a great forum we have!
Jan McClellan

Try Crescent Gems - they specialize in sapphires. They have an eBay
store, and may still have a web store.

Beth in SC

try Columbia Gem House they might be able to help

Columbia Gem House, Inc.
PO BOX 820889
Vancouver, WA 98682
Orders: (800) 888-2444


Jan-- Try Kevin Patterson, K.P. Gems, 800 565-7436. He’s in Hayward,
CA., PO box 4291, Great guy, may have or can
find for you. Another possible would be Tom Schneider Gems, San
Diego, 619 232-2624,

You may have to romance the stone a little, so that the customer
will accept what’s available. Don’t forget that even great photos are
rarely true.

Mardon Jewelers

Try Ben Kho, Ben Kho Int’l. Ltd., Decatur, GA; (770) 491-7150.


Hi Beth,

Yes we do have a web site its at and
Also we are now at POLYGON and EBAY.

What size of peach sapphire are you looking for please Email me at

Best regards
Ahmed shareek
Crescent Gems

My thanks to everyone for all the recommendations for finding peach
sapphires. I ended up getting them from Crescent Gems. Ahmed was
very accommodating, he even cut them special for me - they came in
the mail today and they are beautiful, exactly what I was looking
for. The price was right and the service out of this world. Thanks
again and a huge thanks to Mr. Ahmed.