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[Source] Pd950 stamp

Anyone have a source for a hallmarking stamp Pd950 or equivalent?

Cheers, Thomas Janstrom.
Little Gems.

Stuller Settings has Pd950 stamps. Talk to the customer service
people in tools.


Stuller sell a stamp that say 950pd… if that will work part number

Andy The Tool Guy Kroungold
Director of Tools Sales/Stuller Bench
Phone 800-877-7777 ext 4194
Fax 337-262-7791

So any sources other than Stuller? I don’t want to go through the
trouble of setting up another metals account just to purchase a

Cheers, Thomas Janstrom.
Little Gems.

Sorry all, I didn’t mean that to come across the way it has.

I was just getting a little frustrated is all. Once again I
apologise for the briskness of my reply.

Incidentally I found this place, turn around isn’t as fast as I’d
like, but the price is fair.

Cheers, Thomas Janstrom.
Little Gems.