[Source] Pave rondells

Hello all in Orchid Land,

I am in need of 5mm pave roundels in white gold, any suggestions?
None of my suppliers will ship them so I can show my customer unless
I outright purchase them. Also white gold clasps? They are hard to
find too! Thanks from CT. where the bulbs are just starting to
blossom! Spring has sprung, finally.


If a thing exists in the fine jewelry world, and one is having
trouble finding it, chances are New York Findings has it. In this
case it is so. Their catalog is indecipherable, but they have the
goods. Rondells are rd-series. 5mm pave (depending on what you mean
by pave-many definitions of that) is maybe rd-22, or rd42. They have
white gold clasps, also, but there are hundreds to choose from.
They aRe: New York Findings 72 Bowery, NY, NY 10013. Toll Free
1-888-925-5745, Fax 212-925-5870, e-mail: 2228@polygon.net