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[Source] Patterned sheet

Hi all,

I used to get patterned brass sheet from David H Fell and Company
but they no longer carry it. Does anyone know of anywhere else to
buy patterned sheet metal?


I believe the Metalliferous in NYC has it.

Joel Schwalb

Thunderbird supply had patterned sheet as of 2006,Santa Fe Jewelers
supply sells patterned low rich brass sheet,H.Schmidt has it but by
special order ans in gold above 10kt only, but if you have a rolling
mill with the capacity for interchangeable rollers then Rosenthal
Supply has a vast array of patterned sheet and wire rollers
relatively inexpensive in cost. If you’re adventurous reactive metals
has some interesting products to texture,pattern,carve and colour (
in your case though sounds like their bi-metals may be the thing
closest to what you were used to…and are not actually embossed
sheeets though the versatility and unique patterns you can achieve
are heir line mat give a new dimension to your work), the first two
definitely have traditionally patterned sheets that are brass,and
copper and sometimes in silver

Metalliferous has patterned brass sheet



Metalliferous carries a variety of patterned sheet in brass and
copper, as well as silver.

Karen Goeller

Metalliferous in NY has patterned brass. They work great for pattern
rolling other metals too. There are a lot of patterns:

Enjoy! Bill

Bill, Deborah & Michele
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc
928-634-3434, 800-876-3434, 928-634-6734fx

Hi Julie,

Try Metaliferous, They can be a bit
gruff and rushed on the phone, but have nice stuff and are OK the
more you get to know them. There whole catalog is available as a
download, or on cd for $5.

Chris Ploof Studio

Santa Fe Jewelers Supply has some in their case - don’t know if it
is on their website.