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[Source] Pattern Wire

   Does anyone know of a source for pattern wire in sterling,
copper, gold and/or gold filled. I usually order from RGF, but
they're out of stock. Any other sources out there ? 

Allyson Tuesday night- Gotta check the e-mail before the power
lines go down.

Hurricane Bonnie is due to hit the outer banks of NC in 15

minutes. The local hotels are full of evacuees. I may be off-line
for a while because we’ve beed told not to expect electricity for
a few days. I’ve got my torch and LOTS of supplies. I did some
of my best work after hurricane Fran. It’s easy to work when you
are surrounded by water, fallen trees, downed power lines on all

Allyson, don’t know any sources, but just wanted to wish you
good luck in getting thru Bonnie! Let us know how it goes for
you, and hope you don’t suffer any damage. Sharon Holt