[Source] Opalized wood rough


I am looking for a good source for opalized wood rough. Does anyone
have info to share on this?



Although I no longer live in that area, you might want to try to
locate some rock shops in Central WA state. The area around George
is noted for excellent opalized wood and I used to have a pick-up
full from that area. A map and the computer version of the Yellow
Pages or perhaps a copy of Lapidary Journal should get you there.

Good luck,
Wayne Emery

I buy beautiful cut/polished opalized wood from Bill Kasso at Eagle
Creek Opals. I don’t know if he’d part with any rough, but it’s
worth a call. www.eaglecreekopals.com

Matthew Crawford

In your search for Opalized wood…do you live in Northern CA…if
so I just purchased an old collection with several tons of petrified
woods…some opalized…but have not gone thru it all…as I am still
moving it…if you would like to arrange an appointment…we could work
something out…

Rich Kelly


I am Vice President of the Mt. Hood Rock Club in Oregon. If you
email me off list and give me more specifically what you need, I’ll
try to locate some for you. I even have some in my garage.

Gail Bumala, Sandy, Oregon, USA

I am also looking for this material. Please email pics with price.
Has this been cut?

Thanks Eric


I responded to the previous person that was looking for opalised
wood and discovered that they were really looking for something like
the Virgin Valley Opalised wood replacement that is found in Nevada.
This opal has a play of color and is very expensive.

What I have is wood that is likely from the Saddle Mountains of
eastern Washington. No play of color here. The wood has been called
opalised and petrified. The two terms gets used so interchangeably
that I am not sure which one is correct. Anyway I have quite a bit
of this material, it is not cut, it looks like a piece of wood. If
this is what you are looking for then let me know. The cost is
cheap, maybe depending on how much you want. I would fill up one of
those set rate boxes from the post office, $8.40 I think, charge $10
for the material. That is approximately 20 plus pounds depending on
the shape of the material, it must fit in the box. As you can see,
it is not pricey. Kind of garage sale price but I would like to get
rid of some. I can take some pics if this is what you are looking

Fred Meredith

The wood has been called opalised and petrified. The two terms
gets used so interchangeably 

There’s no confusion. Petrified is that the cells are replaced with
any stone. Opalized is that the stone in question is opal…