[Source] Opal

I have a client looking for an opal for a ring. Stone should be oval,
in size approximately 11x9. Color should be predominantly green with
tones of blue mixed in.

Stone will be custom mounted so size does not need to be exact. Shape
should be symmetrical, however, not freeform.

Quality should be mid to high. Solid or doublet, not triplet.

Seeking sources, or if an Orchid member has such a stone for sale or
trade, please advise off list.

Ricco Gallery
125 W German St/PO Box 883
Shepherdstown WV 25443

I have a piece but it is not the size it is a 9x5 it is a doublet and
what i would call mid grade. In fact i have several pieces varying in
size shape and colors all are Australian opal some are doublet’s some
are solid. Darlene Walsh Aussie Gems


we have thousands of dublets, we can cut any to size, we can make
them here as well, we can email pictures of what you want, contact us
at opals@icon.net or visit our website www.australianopals.com call
jeff 800-376-6725

thanks jeff
Opals International Jewelers, Inc.