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[Source] Opal and Amethyst

Good day everyone,

I am in need of 2 very small items but alas they are near and dear
to my customer and that is all that matters.

  1. 5 x 7 oval opal to match her missing earring… milky white, lots
    of green, and red, very little blue.

I might even talk her into buying a pair and using this missing one
for a pendant…

  1. Either an Amethyst or Garnet, 7x7, flat back (cabochon type) with
    any type of cut on top. Needs to fit into an existing silver bezel.

Any help on either of these matters will be appreciated.

P.S. the pink tourmaline I set from a source suggested here worked
out fine, my other customer is happy, happy, happy.

Thanks one and all.