[Source] One hole silver beads

Hello My Little Fonts of Knowledge -

It’s time to play find that source again. I recently started a line
using some 4mm one hole round silver beads. The design is good, the
item is selling well. Only one small problem, up until now I have
been getting them from Rio Grande and the bags (of 20 pieces) were
of mixed hole size ranging from huuuuge to teeny tiny. I just got in
5 pkgs that I had ordered and all of the holes are too big as to be
completely unusable. I’ve tried talking to Rio about getting the
ones I need on a more consistent basis but they can’t seem to do
anything. And I can’t keep buying huge numbers hoping to find one or
two beads that will work. Help! I’m trying to find a better solution
but in the mean time I need a new source for these balls (that have
small holes in them). Thanks for reading and your potential help.

Cheers, Rachel

Fischer in Pforzheim, Germany carries seamsless 1 hole silver balls
between 2 and 12 mm in steps of 1 mm of diameter :


Gebr. Ott in Hanau, Germany has them between 2 mm and 18 mm with
more size in between.

Degussa in Austria makes them with production on order to almost any

Good luck, Andreas