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Hi there. I’m an amateur silversmith looking for a supplier of recycled silver. I see places that will buy scrap and recycle precious metals, but they seem to just buy, not sell. I also see scrap lots on Ebay but it’s hard to tell if they’re legit. It looks like some countries have suppliers who carry sheet, tube and wire made from recycled silver, but I haven’t found one in the USA. I’d love to know if I’m missing something. Thanks!

I thought I knew the answer to this question, but like you have discovered it looks like things have changed. Not that long ago, it was fairly common for precious metals suppliers to advertise that they used recycled silver and gold. Now I’m not seeing that.

In fact, the only place that I could find that sells recycled silver is Thunderbird Jewelry Supply in New Mexico. They sell clean silver scrap. That will easily work well for jewelry casting, but you’d have to make your own sterling silver sheet and wire stock. I’m not sure if you’d want to do that?

An organization that you might want to learn about is Ethical Metalsmiths. They are a group that promotes sustainable mining practices of precious metals and stones.

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m going to reach out to some of my metals suppliers next week and see where things are at with them as they used to advertise using recycled metal.


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Jeff, JCK News Daily email had an article about that in the past week. Unfortunately I deleted all read emails and don’t remember clearly what the argument was against labeling metals as ‘recycled’.

I did a web search and found this:

and this:

Possibly those pretty much sum it up.

Neil A


You might look into Hoover & Strong. I’ve dealt with them for years and have been very satisfied.


Yikes! That WaPo article is an eye-opener. It was precisely from hearing about Fairmined gold that I figured it’s worth looking into recycled, at least. In terms of gold, though, it’s not just the carbon footprint that matters, but also the use of cyanide in extraction, which I would have thought would be reduced by recycling. Thanks for all the info; it’s so easy to naively fall for greenwashing and that kind of thing. Due diligence is needed too.

Thunderbird Supply is a nice option, as mentioned; Hoover and Strong look like a great place (for gold mostly, but still…) Again, thanks!

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I’m actually surprised that more places don’t sell clean silver scrap.

Thanks Neil A!!

Another path is that you can buy fine silver or fine gold coins or ingots and alloy your own metal. It’s more work, but lots of folks do it.

Hoover and Strong is great! I was very sad to see that Hauser Miller went out of business recently. I’m happy that Hoover and Strong are still around!!



There were a few on etsy i came across, mostly on the reservations selling it by the bag. I get my turquoise and coral feom them. Real good, honest sellers.

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Wow thanks Jeff. I had already been using ethical atone companies, but i never thought about metals! Great reads!

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Hello All
David H Fell & Co Inc is 100% certified recycled. Please go to our website Announcements - David H Fell and see the posted recycled certs.

Thank You
DHF Inc.


Thanks so much for letting us know!! That’s fantastic news!


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I too have used Etsy

Beginning point for you. There are a few sellers and Etsy backs up the deal! They took care of me when I didn’t receive my order.
My order eventually arrived and I gave their refund back, then they gave me an additional 10% credit for being honest!!! Stv