[Source] Odd gauges of 14/20 GF round wire?

Hello All- Would anyone happen to know of a source for 17ga, 15ga,
and 13ga 14/20 gold filled round wire? I’ll take it in any temper.
Our friends at Rio have 19ga & 21ga, but I haven’t been able to find
the larger odd gauges. My needs are in the 10-20 ozt per stocking
order, thus I am reluctant to take Rio up on their 100 ozt. minimum
for special orders of GF products.

Thanks for any and all suggestions,
Tom Colson

Hi, Tom I can’t say about GF per se, but I know that Hagstoz, in
Philadelphia, will do any size and shape you want in whatever
material you want, at little or no extra charge. I’ve gotten 18g
solder, 17g and 21g rectangular wire-- you see what I mean. I believe
Hauser and Miller, and probably others, do this too, but I know for
sure about Hagstoz. They’re not the biggest, but I’ve been happy
with them. They are at http://www.hagstoz.com/, and while I was
looking up the site, I saw that they do sell GF. Tell 'em I send
you-- can’t hurt. Good luck!


I get my gold fill wire (every gauge from 24 to 15) from
Stern-Leach. Their sales people aren’t the friendliest, but they do
carry every size that you’d want.


I’m pretty new (ok, extremely new) in the jewelry-making arena. How
do I find Stern-Leach? Do they have a website? We’re about to lose
our primary source of wire here in Dallas, and I’m on the lookout for
another/better one.