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[Source] Nugold, jewellers brass, red brass

Hey Guys, Long time no see! I have a question for you all. Does
anyone know where I can get/purchase/commission heavy gauge
Nugold/Jeweller’s Bronze/Red Brass? Heavy gauge being from 8ga up to
about 00ga. So I would guess about 9mm SLIGHTLY smaller would be ok.
Maybe about 10-15 ft worth of wire. Thanks a bunch. Salu2 for the
new year. Gian.

Try McMaster-Carr

Elliot Nesterman

I had a hard time finding red brass in square wire. Not a lot of
sources for red brass.

I bought 10/12/14 gauge red brass square wire from Santa Fe Jewelers
Supply, and I was happy with it.

I purchased it online at

Not sure if they have it in round wire though.

Good luck,
Jim Newton

...heavy gauge Nugold/Jeweller's Bronze/Red Brass? Heavy gauge
being from 8ga up to about 00ga.

Try Metalliferous. I have some 6-gauge and 4-gauge red brass I got
from them awhile ago.

Judy Bjorkman

hardware stores sell 1/8" and 1/4" phosphor bronze 12"x 12" sheets
for about 14 bucks- as well as copper, nugold and brass sheets up to
16"x16".Also the same company makes channel, square tube,“L”,shape,
“T” shaped, and spools of round wire in the various metals, as well
as casting chunks or large grain, and white metal. If you look at a
micro-mark catalogue they sell the same company’s brass stock- maybe
pull the name off of there and contact them for a full line price
list. If you can’t find it, I would be happy to buy it here for you
and post it to you. They also have nickel in sheets too at the same
place in heavy gauges and 36" long x about 2" strips of stock in
bronzes and brasses. Let me know. Fell free to contact me off list.