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[Source] No-San acid for titanium etching


I’m trying to track down a source for No-San acid, used for etching
titanium and in dentistry for removing investment from around cast
gold crowns. The supplier info I had was: Trio-Dent. Inc, Union NJ -

however, their phone number is disconnected and I’m not finding them
anywhere online or in the yellow pages.

Do any of you have a source for this wonder material?

Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry

Hi Karen:

I used to use No-San for surface prep on Titanium. Somewhere I even
have the lab workup on it. (If memory serves, it was primarily
sulfuric acid with a bit of thiourea.) However, I switched over to
’multi-etch’ from Reactive Metals years ago, and have gotten better
results with that ever since. You can get it from their website.

Standard disclaimers apply, just a satisfied user.

Brian Meek.

PS–> If you’re really dead set on no-san, I think I may have half
a gallon or so left, although it’s at least 10 years old. ( I suspect
I may have turned it in at one point or another, as it’s not anywhere

Karen, Our impression is that it is no longer made. It contained some
pretty harsh chemicals and would be difficult and costly to transport
with todays rules.

Bill, Deborah & Michele
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc
928-634-3434, 800-876-3434, 928-634-6734fx