[Source] Nitinol or titanium Springs

Dear all,

I occasionally find myself needing springs to complete my designs,
and at the moment an unusual project to make a disassembling martini
glass* out of glass and silver** is floundering as I need a very
specific type of spring to make the stem work.

In the past I have wound my own, badly, from piano wire, but this
project needs something a bit more special, possibly even as exotic
as superelastic Nitinol or titanium. Have any of you had anything
similar made up, and if so could you recommend a supplier? I have
done the usual internet searches and the odd RFQ, but as yet have had
no joy from the more obvious sources.


Chris Penner
chris at collarsandcuffs.co.uk

  • Though all martini glasses are prone to disassembling, the
    beauty of this one is that it reassembles as well.

** Yes, I may have been unduly influenced by too many martinis
when I came up with the idea.


Nitrol wire is available from Small Parts in Miami. I like the
martini glass idea. We have a show in our gallery in December :“The
Art of the Martini.” It is our biggest show of the year, and this
year is our 4th annual show. Please contact me if you would be
interested in exhibiting.


Douglas Zaruba
33 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-1107