[Source][New Zeland] Delph clay

I am looking for a supplier of Delph casting clay, this is no longer
stocked by a N.Z. supplier and was last accessed via the U.S.A. Any
help in tracking this would be great. David

G’day; would your consider experimenting? I assume that you have the
metal shells for forming the mould, and that all you need is the
clay. It is possible to obtain very finely ground pottery clay in the
dry powdered condition in NZ . Perhaps you might mix a little
vaseline or some other oily substance with it to a consistency where
it remained formed if a grab of it was squeezed in the hand. As a
final possibility, what about using builders cement mixed with oil?
It is very finely ground, and surely if kept away from water, it would
fill the bill? It would cost so little (except in time) it could be
well worth trying. Cheers
John Burgess

David, Is this you the David McLeod of Otago Polytech?

I teach workshops using the Delft method of casting. I cover silver
copper and gold alloying and find casting is a great way to make and
try things with the alloys rather than only making ingots. I bought a
set (rings and clay) from Warburtons here in Ak. However they were
expensive. Last time they stocked them they were about $290 the 2kg

So I found that I could get the rings made by a local engineer, and
get the clay from Rio Grande in USA for about half the price including
shipping. I supplied several bags to students on the last workshop I
taught (Nelson Poly Winter Art School) and to the school.

I could probably get you some through my account, or you could try
yourself. Rio are at:

International Sales
7500 Bluewater Rd
Albuquerque NM 87121
New Mexico USA
Ph 001 505 839 3011
Fax 001 505 839 3016

I started to look for an industrial supplier (ie bigger amounts) but
I still look. Petroclay or something. Another person on Orchid
supplied me with this, the actual Delft originator:

Hans Karreman
PO Box99
2665 ZH
The Netherlands
Tel 0031 -(0)10 -529 66 00
Fax 0031 -(0)10 -529 00 88

Hope this helps


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Thanks, John, it /might/ be worth it: the orig clay was reusable
where it wasn’t burnt (and some found the burnt parts reusable to a
certain extent). If the experimental clay we devise is cheap enough
praps we don’t need to worry 'bout reusability. But up here the
humidity and general dampness in the air would soon solidify anything
with your wonderful Golden Bay cement in it.

Delft clay is very fine. and I believe the binder is an oil. On the
last class we were wondering if adding a drop more oil would replenish
the burnt bits.


B r i a n A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND
http://www.adam.co.nz/ photos from Australia!!
http://www.adam.co.nz/jam.htm Jewellery Events on now

Bri, Where Fimo and similar are now used in jewelry, fashioned and
then baked, there is now a substance to rejuvenate hardened by age
clay. I just wonder what that would do to your Delft. Teresa

BRIAN we have had success using a high flash point hydraaulic oil and
putting the burnt clay through a blender, approx ratio of 25 drops to
a large breakfast cup of used material. the oil was only available in
50 litre drums so we asked for a sample and now have enough for
several years at current usage. David


  If you want someone a little closer to home you could try AJS
  in Brisbane I believe they sell clay. I am not sure if it is
  Delph. But if it does the same job the shipping costs might make
  it a little cheaper. I have a spare catalouge if you want it. You
  most probably Know them already but the address is 

Australian Jewellers Supplies Pty Ltd
2nd Floor
Pavilion building
Cnr Albert Street and Burnett Lane
Australia, 4000

Ph (07) 3229 4955
Fax (07) 3221 3567