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[Source] New Mexican serpentine

Hello all,

Just returned from a wonderful trip to Arizona & New Mexico and saw
all sorts of awesome sites (Monument Valley was astounding). One of
the Native American artists at the Portal in Santa Fe had many
pieces made with New Mexican serpentine. Loved the funky green hue of
it and am in hopes of finding some rough to play with, which I think
he said came from around Las Cruces. Can anyone recommend a source?

Thank you for any help,
Carol back in New Orleans where it’s a wet heat…

Try Hope this helps, this
may be the kind you are looking for, New Mexican.


At Thunderbird Supply we carry rough green striped serpentine @
$2.15/lb - the shipping is probably more than the merchandise. A
small piece (just smaller than a football) would weight about 10 lbs.
It is available on out website - Not sure
where ours if from - I’m told it’s probably form Arizona. Item #
609493 for the green.

Bob J