[Source] New and Second hand benches and tools

Hi there,

I have just moved to the US (Connecticut) and I need tools (polish
machine etc.) and a bench. I do not know where to begin. I am aware
the Rio Grande have a good selection of benches but just wondered if
anyone knew of a good source for second hand tools/tables and

Thanks sooo much

eBay. Also watch the classified ads in the paper, Craigs list, see
if there is a For Sale or Wanted page on Facebook for your county or
city; plus there is an Artists Garage page on Facebook with used
stuff for sale. Also try your local thrift stores. Often a desk or
table can be converted into a bench. And yard sales sometimes have
great things.

Good luck!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Welcome Tina!

I have had good luck with Craigslist, also the resale page on David
Geller’s website http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/h8

Last, but not least, networking with other jewelers who might be
updating their shops.

Hope that helps and good luck hunting!

Donna W
Huntsville, AL

Hi Tina, and welcome. I don’t know of a specific place in your area
but I do think it’s worth calling area shops (both retail and
wholesale) and asking. I know that I accumulated extra benches, tools
and equipment over the years and would have been happy to sell them
to someone who wanted them (think American Pickers). Eventually I did
sell them, and for not much money. You just need to have some idea of
what things are worth, looking items up on Rio, Gesswein, Otto Frei,
Stuller or the like would help you learn the retail value. Check
Craigslist for jewelery making tools too.


Tina, I’m hoping that that wasn’t you I was having a text
conversation with today (May 7th)? I’ve been getting some weird
replies from Craigslist scammers, so I tend to be very suspicious,
I’m afraid. Please make sure to include your name, if you text me.

Kit Mandau

Hello and welcome!

I am actually trying to sell an ARBE double spindle polisher and a

Here’s a link to the ARBE:

And here’s the steamer: Landa International Inc.

I am in NH, but we could maybe work something out, if you’re
interested? (Roadtrip!!! :D)

You can email me at: Kit(at)ceydonia.com or text me: six-zero-three
two-three-three 6699 Have a wonderful day and keep on creating!!!

Kit Mandau

From what I hear, Craigs list has a very bad reputation. I wouldnt
go near it! It definately was not me you where texting.

All the best

Personally, my experience has been very good with Craigslist so I
wouldn’t dismiss it as a possible source. It’s replaced the
classified section of the newspaper so there is a large cross
section of the population using it. As with any large group there
will be a majority of relativity honest people along with the
unavoidable minority of low-life’s and idiots. Just be a little
careful and trust your instincts. Mark

Check out geller who posts on here sometimes. He has info of jewels
who are going out of business or just selling stuff. David geller.
And don’t disregard Craigs list.