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[Source needed] Cuff Link Finding Information

I am looking for a source of cuff link findings that have a stud at
the end of the bent shaft instead of a spring loaded bar. Can anyone

Best regards,
Dean Costianes

Hi Dean, We have a model of a cufflink style back piece similar to
what you describe available in sterling or gold… We normally solder
one of these onto cufflink models and then cast the entire cufflink
as one piece… Making the entire cufflink less expensive to produce
as it is now 1 casting versus 2 castings +soldering. The cufflink back
has an oval shape at the end… but, we can also cast them In
whatever style/ shape tou would like if you want to create your own
model /design for casting purposes… If you would like to contact us,
Please call or email the following address: Daniel Grandi Tel: 401-461-7803 We do casting/finishing/
model making by hand or cnc for people in the trade in silver/gold/bronze/brass and pewter