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[Source] motion ring


Fellow orchid jewelers I have a client, who wants to buy a
diamond “motion ring” I have seen them in the past, but have no
idea as to where. Anyone have a source for such a ring. Thanks,
Norm (


Hi Norm – I have a couple of these in Pt, but they are not
diamond – one is turquoise, the other lapis. Both have tiny
diamond highlights, but I don’t think that is what you are
looking for. I may be able to get more for you. Could you be
more specific? Please email me at: @Peter_Torraca1

Peter Torraca


This Ring was produced by a Company called Monti Trevi of
Hollywood Florida. They are now sorry to say out of business. I
believe that a nephew has continued independently and might still
have what you are looking for. His name is Joe and the # is
(954) 572-6114 Best Regards. Neil George


I have often made rings with a slot down the middle and a
diamond which slides back and forth within the slot. I might be
interested in designing and making such a ring, provided that a
couple things are understood.

  1. the diamond, as I have found, should have a wire around the
    girdle, otherwise it will very soon cut it’s way loose in the
    mounting, sliding back and forth as it is. (there, I’ve given
    you a valuable free secret already).

  2. even with the wire rim, it will still wear itself loose in a
    few years, depending on how often the customer wears it. So
    it’s probably best not to use your VVS1, D-E colored 1.01 carat
    ideal cut, right?

  3. anything that moves can get clogged up with a.) cookie dough
    b.) hand cream c.) bodily secretions combined with the dirt of
    the world (ugh!), so expect from time to time to need to have it
    cleaned in order for it to work properly.

  4. I don’t work for free. :slight_smile: