[Source] Morganite

Hello all,

I’m in search of clean morganite in (2) matching 10mm round brilliant
cut stones and (1) 12mm round brilliant cut to match for a ring. Is
there anyone that can help? I’ve checked all my sources and I’ve not
found the coordinating pieces.

Thank you, Reba

Looking for wholesale supplier of morganite outside of Stachura. I
am not buying in large quantities if that matters. Would like 9x 11
ovals and 6 - 8 mm rounds with good faceting.


Morganite Source Clarification

would like to clarify something at this time. Yesterday I put in a
post for sources of Morganite. I specifically asked for sources
outside of Stachura. I would like to say that I have never had any
problems with Stachura or their products. I had already checked
their site for the stones that I was looking for. I am primarily
interested in 6mm princess, 6 and 8 mm rounds, and a few 9 x 11 mm
ovals. I am not looking to order in great quantity if that matters in
your recommendations.


you could try Optima Gems, but most of their Morganite listings say
out of stock until sometime in 2014. and these are not cheap.


Dear Kennedi:

We may be able to supply you. Please call me at 1-800-873-4572 so we
can discuss shade, quantity and other specifics.

Dikra Gem Inc.