[Source] Moon faces in bone

I purchased some Ivory?/bone “moon faces” cabs from a dealer
last February in Tucson. I contacted the person who sold them to
me and He told me that his dealer was in Indochina, and that he
had no more, and other than that has been unresponsive.

I was wondering if anyone on the list had any other ideas…
Dealers… sources… I have looked in the LJ Directory… called
a place in Fla. searched the internet. I would love some more
of these faces. So, if you have any ideas, or sources I sure
would appreciate the leads.


Joan, try Ray Gabriel. He’s in Salida, CO, now. I believe I
have seen some, in his flyers, in the past. I don’t have his
url, but it comes up in a search, using his name. Good luck,

Joan - I have bought carved bone faces from a company named
“Freedom Touch”. Their address is: PO Box 1867, Aptos, CA
95001. Phone: (408)688-4940. Fax (408) 662-9595. Steve

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

                I have been getting Moon Faces from Ed Dunk
who lives in Bali. His listing in the 1999Tucson directory is :
Box 547,Lotus, CA 95651. 

Tel:(530) 622-6015. I don’t know from this address. I’ve bought
from Ed for about 10 years, either when he came through L.A.
from Indonesia &/or at Tucson. I will say that I have tried to
order things from Ed on several occasions, including some custom
carvings, and was consistently disappointed (i.e. he never
delivered on the promised order).He’s a “laid back kinda guy”,
but his carvers produce fine work and he is a good resource.
Ergo, I gave up dealing with him on that basis, but stocked up
like crazy when he had a good supply at Tucson last year (Fish
Frenzy among Tucson buyers is a serious incentive).I even managed
to assemble a number of paired faces. If you’re not looking for
mass quantities, and just need a few to get you by, I could send
you a few. They are in different sizes, by the way, so you need
to be descriptive. Incidently, the material he uses -as do most
of the Bali resources for this item- is deerhorn or bone. Both
materials produce a near-white, the deerhorn having a faint
grey-ish cast. There can be surface “irregularities”, but I’m
neurotically fussy about my choices, so my pieces are nice.Some
pieces are produced from fossilized mammoth or marine ivory
acquired from Alaska. Those pieces will be more one-of-a -kind,
with variations of colour and size. (I’m not sure I’d sell these,
anyway.). They are also about twice as costly. If you’re
interested, contact me directly at
@margeryjewelryart. I’m a designer, not a dealer, so
this is more of a goodwill offer than a make-me-rich retail
proposition. If you need big stock, contact Ed.

Hi, A few weeks ago, an old stone dealer/freind, who I hadn’t
seen for 20 years, stopped by our store looking to sell, among
other things, some lovely bone faces. I bought several. Nice
carvings. Better than the usual. I believe you may be looking for
Francis Ananda Love. Business name is “Nice Things”, e-mail:
belove@roadrunner.com or 505-424-9264.

Ken Weston

Margery, I have been thinking about your offer all day… I Hate
to take another Artist’s stash… but… . I would be so
appreciative to buy any that you would be kind enough to offer.
I don’t particularly care for the “alien” looking ones… large
forheads, small chins… but I have used the large and small round
and oval ones… And my favorite is a sleeping ( eyes closed)
oval. If you feel comfortable selling some, I would be in your
debt FOREVER… I called the number in Cal. and left a message…
but as you said… I won’t hold my breath.;>). All the other
leads have led to disconnected numbers, or they don’t have any
either. Thank you so much for your offer… I really appreciate
it.Maybe we can meet at the fish frenzy in Tucson in Feb… :>)
and I will buy you lunch.

Let me know how many and where to send the check.

THank you !!!


Joan: Nina Designs in New Mexico also carries the moon faces to
which you were referring, if you want to look for a larger
inventory than Margery can spare. I just lent my catalogue out
but she has an ad in LJ and one in Ornament on a regular basis.
Hope this extends the breadth of your choices.

Joan, I use a lot of the bone faces. They are available from
Nina Designs in Santa Fe, NM in two sizes - about a 15 mm and 20
mm for $5 and $7. The oly drawback is that it is wholesale and
you must order $100 minimum and email/fax a copy of your
wholesale permit number.Phone 800 336-6462 online catalog (no
small faces shown, just large) http://www.ninadesigns.com I am
not connected with the company in any way, just a customer and I
just ordered some myself.

Donna in WY