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[Source] Moissanite


Well, I am a facetor, does anyone know where I can get a piece
of rough = to check this stuff out?


To buy moissanite, contact the account manager of C3, Inc.,
Miranda K. Bailey

P. O. Box 13533
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709-3533
telephone #919-468-0399, Ext. #233
facsimile  #919-468-0486

Good Luck!

Rebecca Holberg


Well, I am a facetor, does anyone know where I can get a piece
of rough = to check this stuff out?

The company producing Moissanite is C3 Inc. in Morrisville, NC
and Cree Research, Inc. in Durham, NC. Attached herewith is an
Email reply they sent me regarding the availability of the sizes
and their corresponding prices:

Elisa,  I'm so happy to hear of your interest in our
product! The moissanite stones are currently available in our
sample lines for sale to jewelers and pawn brokers.  The
largest stone that I have available in the sample line is a
4.0mm (0.25ct) and it runs for $40.00 .  The tester is listed
at $525.00.  If you are interested in ordering or have any
further questions you can reach me at 800/210-4361 ext. #258
Thank you again for your interest.  - Kamie Lee 
  • Lisa Barretto -

   Well, I am a facetor, does anyone know where I can get a
piece of rough = to check this stuff out? 

I too am a faceter and haven’t cut any synthetic moissanite
since 1979. At that time I had a rock shop and we had a fairly
impressive supply of mineral specimens both natural and man made.
The synthetic moissanite clusters I had were quite huge weighing
a few pounds each and of course very fragile, the tabular
crystals broke away from the mass qute easily.

Although most were blue, blue green and some an ugly yellow I
noticed a few that were almost clear, too small to be worth
cutting. As it was the largest stones I could get was 3mm round
and a 5x3 baguette.

Of course this stuff is incredibly cheap and almost as valuable
as glass when cut, so your exercise is strictly academic. Do NOT
go shopping for synthetic moissanite however but use the other
trade name, it is much cheaper that way, Carborundum.

Refer to Glenn Vargas, faceting for amateurs, for angles and

I know this won’t give you a diamond swap stone but it will give
you entertainment for pennies.

id; it winks with the crossed sunglasses trick. (Gemmologists
please feel free to use your polariscope)

\ () || |/
\ /
web site:

Vancouver, B.C. CANADA.

       Well, I am a facetor, does anyone know where I can get
a piece of rough  to check this stuff out? 

The story I got from the C3 representatives at the Tucson show
last February was that all the ‘gem quality’ moissanite produced
goes into cut stones. All the cut stones will be marketed by

As of now, they have no intention of selling 'gem quality’

We’ll just have to wait & see. If they get the production bugs
worked out & are able to produce more gem quality material than
they can sell we might see some rough on the market. At lot also
depends on how moissanite jewelry is priced & how the public
accepts yet another diamond simulant. At this point I’d think the
only reason to buy a moissanite stone would be for the novelty.
Folks could say, ‘Hey, look, I’ve got something you don’t, HA



I repair chipped stones for some jewelers, and that basically
was my reason to see what this stuff cuts like. Some day I will
get one to repair. Just was curious as to how it cut. I really
don’t care what the quality of my ‘practice’ stone will be. Just
need some rough. But if it was good rough, all the better.
I just need to round out my knowledge of this material.


Hi All, I have a client that must have a moissanite 6.5 mm for their
ring. I know where to get diamonds but have not found a source for
moissanite.Anybody out there with advise?

Etienne Perret
Designing Colored Diamond Jewels
< >


Hi perret,

I’m also looking for moissanite but in smaller sizes for side setting
around 0.02 - 0.05 cts. I’m across the big pond in Malaysia if you
find any please let me know. Thank you…Mike


Etienne,I took a course through Jewelers of America recently on
moissanite. The way they sell is through exclusive arrangment. An
associate at another jewelry store in my state does sell moissanite,
but only to his customers,by agreement with C -3 Inc… I myself had a
customer that needed a 3.00ct,and my friend could not sell it to me. I
had to send the customer to his store.You can reach C-3 inc. to find
the list of exclusive retailers at…1800210 GEMS (4367)…or If I can help you with any more info, please
contact me at
Thomas Blair


Go to C3, or try a search for:

  • Jeff Hunter, CEO of Charles & Colvard (formerly C3) the US-based
    company producing moissanite. Charles

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada


Hello, if you plug in “moissanite” there is a WEB site for the
company who makes them. They are named Cree, I believe. Anyway, they
have a listing of states and international locations with names of
distributors (retail jewelers) including addresses and telephone
numbers. Good luck.

Marilyn Tompkins
Millennium Designs
Houston, Texas


From what I read about Moissanite, it looks like it might be a pretty
good company to invest in for long term growth. Is anyone else thinking
along those lines. I’ve never seen a crystal, but there seems to be a
growing demand for them. And at 10% of the cost of a Diamond, there
should be a very large demand as they become known ot the public.

Is anyone else thinking along these lines?



Randy, Moissanite has enjoyed a fantastic sales spin by its inventor
C3, customers are buying it(reportedly) at a fast pace. Keep in
mind, it is a simulant, man made (counterfit of the real), in
otherwords a phoney, for a fraction of the price of man made
Moissanite a customer who can.t price a diamond can have CZ. Makes
sense to me, cause you can.t fool someone knowledgable about
Moissanite vs diamond. Some people will buy just about anything,
including pet rocks!



Moissanite in my opinion has become a real danger to the jewelry
industry. It has become the next best thing for thieves to use to
switch diamonds with. The moissanite company does not sell any of
their stones loose to try to help “prevent” this from happening but I
am telling you, it IS happening. I have looked at these stones
before and been asked to ‘tell the difference’ between it and a
diamond set in an exact ring next to it. Even with knowing that it
was not a genuine diamond, I found it difficult to decipher the two.
Moissanite has a yellowish green cast in color and has very similar
inclusions to that of diamonds.

Yes, it is good for the public because they get a lot of flash for
the cash. But you, and all of us on orchid, are having to be put on
guard all the time now to look for these stones. They test as
diamond. What do you think is the purpose of that?? For the looks?
They have been surfacing over and over. I personally know of a
business that has a customer come in and offered a stone in a ring
for sale. He was given an offer. The man took the ring back and
later brought it back again deciding to sell it. The owner of the
business took another look at the stone in the ring and found that it
had been switched with mossamite. Most jewelers would not have
caught on and even the person who was selling it did not realize the
problem. He was getting the ring and stone from another source,
taking it to the jewelry store owner to try and make a buck for
himself. He too, did not realize the stone had been switched.

This is going to be more of a haven for thieves rather than
customers. And besides, why do you want to sell something not
genuine at all. At least if it is a genuine emerald, but treated
with different solutions to enhance its beauty, it still is a genuine
mother nature creation.

A fake is a fake is a fake.

All must be on your guard. Fractured filled, and now mossanite.

Lets make our lives more difficult will we…

Amber Gustafson soon to be