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[Source] Mica Sheets


Anyone know a source for mica sheets? I’ve been googling it but come
up with mostly mica lamp shades and various kinds of fake or
compressed mica. What I want is thin sheets that can be sawed, very
translucent, preferably a light beige color (as light as possible).
It’s for “windows” in a sculptural project. I need a couple of
pieces about 6 x 6 inches. I had some I ran across by chance at a
science shop but chipped it: and the piece is already etched in a
texture to match the mica texture.

Lin Lahlum


Try Allcraft 1-800-645-7124 ask for Tivel





You were asking about a source for sheets of mica. I talked to my
hussband and we came up with a few possibles for you. There is a
company called DMS which used to advertise several different types
of mica in the Lap Journal Buyers Guide. Their contact info is;

1769 St. Laurent Blvd. #233
Ottowa, Ont.
K1G 5X7

Also, much of the mica being mined is from a mine called Franklin
Hill. You might try Googling them. As of a couple of years ago they
were allowing people come to the mine and choose their own pieces. A
third possible source would be to check out architextural salvage
companies. The isinglass windows are something they save whenever

I wish you luck.


I have purchased mica sheets from an enameling supply company. It
was many years ago so I don’t remember the company. Enamelists use
mica as a surface to which the glass will not stick as it is melting
onto the metal.

Maybe that will help you?


I’ve bought mica composite sheets from American Science and Surplus.
Not sure that’s what you want, but here’s the link:

Tracy Munn


American Scientific and Surplus often carries them. I believe they
have a website.

Mark (looking forward to Tucson!)