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[Source] Meteorite



My son is studying our solar system and I thought it would be fun to
make him something from meteorire. I’ve seen lots of it listed on
ebay, but have no way of knowing wether it’s the real thing or not.
A rock is a rock is a rock…

I’ve searched the archives and have found ways to saw it, etch it,
etc. I’d just like a couple of small pieces that are the real thing.

Pam Farren


You could try a reputable rock dealer, or local rock hound club, or
lapidary museum. Doesn’t everyone have a lapidary museum near them?

This museum has a very good gift shop – perhaps if you called they
could do a mail order for you.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
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search for moldavite.




Usually in some of the out of the way shows in Tucson people are
selling meteorites. If you aren’t going, maybe someone on Orchid who
is could look for something for you. I have a few smaller pieces
that I use in jewelry but I don’t have enough to give any up myself.
The ones I have owned look quite different from a “rock”. I have
always liked smaller pieces that can be used naturally as they are
without having to cut them up.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
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Moldavite is a green glass also referred to as Tektite that is
thought to be from space but it is quite different than a Meteorite
which is often a metallic or solid rock type material.

Greg DeMark
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You can find meteorites at The site is run by
Robert Haag who has a reputation as a collector and seller of them.
No affiliation or anything like that, just thought I’d mention it

Richard Baldwin, in soggy freezing Michigan


Hi Pam:

I've searched the archives and have found ways to saw it, etch it,
etc. I'd just like a couple of small pieces that are the real

Try Geoclassics, a company with stores in Boston and Newport, Rhode
Island, they retail meteorite thru their website, They only show large pieces but, may
have smaller ones that are not shown on the website. It also seems as
if they have about the particular meteorites they are
selling ie. where they were found and what they are composed of.

Best of Luck
Kim Starbard
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I have bought meteorites at shows from Magic Mountain Gems. They
don’t seem to have a website, but their telephone number is
520-682-3915. They’re located in Cortaro, Arizona.

Janet Kofoed


Here are sources of a variety of meteorites:

I would suggest the Canyon Diablo iron nickel ones. There are a lot
of small piece of this huge one that broke up on impact. I have two
pieces that have been slabbed. They are usual slabbed a bit too
thick. They need either metallurgical preparation saw to slice or a
lapidary saw with a cubic boron nitride blade. Diamond blades don’t
go well on iron and steel. CBN blades are available at reasonable
price from:

The stony ones will not give the etched metallic surface appearance
but will be much easier to cut.



a reliable source: Fred hall, denver very knowledgeable, has
everything from common meteorites on up.

regards, Mark Zirinsky, Denver


I heard a man speak about finding Meteorites while rockhounding. He
said to take a magnet along because they are magnetic.