[Source] Metal rectangular slide

I am searching for a rectangular slide that can be hand stamped with
text and put on leather or rubber for bracelet or necklace. Someone
on Etsy posted this picture but will only share that she found the
product after searching for a year and found it overseas. I contacted
Beaducation.com with my question and they suggested asking you. I
have attached a picture of the item (I blurred out the names stamped
on the silver). I would think maybe a square or rectangular wire
could be used and cut but cannot find any large enough for what I am
looking to do. Hoping you can help!


  1. Hand stamping letters and nos on something like this is
    difficult, to line up the characters accurately needs alot of
    practice. I find when i do it it always looks hand done. Even if you
    draw guide lines in waterproof felt tip. Its No way as accurate as
    machine 3d engraving. If you do this part of the work then I hope
    your customers are happy with your results. Can you explain some more
    how you plan to put the characters onto the curved surface?

  2. These slides are made by machine press work by the hundred off
    strip fed presses…

If i wanted to replicate these I would proceed as follows.

take 2 strips of steel one 1/2in wide by 1/8in thick some 6 in long
the other the same but 1/4 to 3/8th in thick shape these into the
curve you want to take the rubber or plastic band put a dowel each
end to locate the 2 together.

ensure one fits inside the other like spoons. Thicker one outside.
cut your annealed silver sheet to the right width including the side
and fold under. clamp this silver between the 2 steel pieces with 2
screw or toggle engineering clamps.

then dress down each side to start with then dress over the fold on
the inside of the steel using a leather or rubber mallet.

When I was making silver troughs for deep enamelling in all sorts of
shapes i used this principle. 2 bits of shaped steel and a clamp.
Experiment on copper or brass sheet FIRST to get the technique
right. As to putting on the characters. you may have to experiment
with putting them on before bending or after using the steel as the
back support.

Let us knowhow you get on.

What I do is make the bracelet complete from metal. apply all
characters and images first, the form up after.

Ive made all sorts of images on hand stamp ends so can make up
pictograms to suit a customers lifestyle.

So everyone is different.

Its quick and easy to do. a good hammer and a nice smooth “T” anvil
stake. finding the right one of these is impossible.

Ideal size is 3ft high and some 24in across the top. wrought iron
with crucible steel fire welded to the working faces.


Krista Instead of doing something others have done, why not create
your own style? The slide idea is nice, but you can think of
something else to do the same thing, and personalize for your


Hi Krista

Try primitive Earth Beads found online they may have what you are
looking for. I saw some there very close yesterday


It would be quite simple to make them, why not make them?