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[Source] Metal neck ring

Does any one know were I can purchase 12 silver (base metal) neck
rings wholesale? A friend asked me to teach a wire wrapping to 14/15
yea old girls and course the girls want neck wires, not the round
ones, but the fancy one with the loop in the front. The local bead
shop only carries regular round ones and that seems to be all I can
find. I have seen then at craft shows retailing for $10 so I know
they are out there some place. Any suggestions on where I might find


I also teach a wire wrapping class. After the students wrap their
pendant, I show them how to make neckwires out of about 19" of 20g
hh square wire. Just make a regular hook & eye on the ends. Sell
these at shows & in the shops, too. So very cost effective…


Show me a picture and give me a length. I’d like to try. Also, in
writing this, my thoughts connected to the recent thread about
copying, or “stealing” a design. I may be “taking” something that
someone else took the time to “design.” I feel that when a piece is
"put" out there, it is to serve a purpose. That might be to pay the
bills or enrich the existence of the creator of the piece. It may
equally serve as an impetus or inspiration to someone that mimics the
technique but can’t master the construction. For some, original ideas
can be hard to come by. It takes time to hone a skill, let alone to
develop the ability to apply it in in practical manner to your work.
Google a woodworker by the name of James Krenov. He has spawned a
legion of “disciples” that work in the"krenov" style, yet they are
not James Krenov. i marvel at the things I see when I visit your web
sites. You are an inspiration and you all encourage me to be a better
learner. I hope this makes sense… home from my “real” job just
getting my Orchid “fix.” I am hitting send before I lose my courage.