[Source] Matching turquoise cabs

Does anybody have an idea of where I can get a couple of matching
turquoise cabs for earrings? I’m trying to match the customer’s
pendant stone which is a slightly greenish blue similar to Tiffany’s
blue, and they need to be approx 12 x 6 mm oval (preferably with
some matrix somewhere in the stone). It would be a good order so it’s
worth the effort; haven’t bought turquoise in years so I don’t know
where to go for something specific like this. Any suggestions?

Cindy Crounse
Refined Designs Original Fine Jewelry

Try Thunderbird Supply in Albuquerque/Gallup,

They are even having a turquoise sale this week. Indian Jewelers
Supply http://www.ijsinc.com/ is also a good bet.


tripps.com has tourquoise cabs.


Hi Cindy,

Try http://www.nevadacassidys.com/ I have dealt with them and they
or he, Canyon, was very accommodating and has some beautiful green
turquoise - also blue and in between.

Good luck,

Cindy, if you don’t get a good source, send me off post, a picture of
the stone your trying to match. Rio Grande and Indian Jewelers Supply
are the places I would start but matching turquoise is so tricky.

Sam Patania, Tucson