[Source] Marcasites

Anyone know where I can get a few 2mm rd. marcasites for a repair

Jerry in Kodiak

Hi Jerry, One source of Marcasites, Rhinestones & other stones found
in some jewelry is Matthew Ribarich. I’'ve ordered marcasites from
him in the past & was very satisfied with his service & quality.

Here’s the address info I have:

Matthew Ribarich
Box 6483
Chesapeake VA 23323




Just a very satisfied customer.



How about buying a cheap piece of jewelry w/ Marcasites and
cannibalizing it? The Fire Mountain Gem catalog here has a lot of
cheaper things to tear apart. Other than that I didn’t find any loose
ones in any of my catalogs.


The only problem with that is, if it is a Vintage piece, you may not
be using the stones that were original to the piece. There are quite
a few different cuts. Matthew Ribarch MRstones4U@aol.com is who I
buy my replacement stones from, because he generally has the various
cuts of stones.

If you aren’t interested in preserving the authenticity of the
piece, (Vintage Dealers and Collectors are very insistent about
this), then buying another piece for replacement stones is a good
way to do this.