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[Source] Manual rolling mill

Hi, Can you please tell me how can I create a subject question in this
mailing list. My question is: I need to buy a manual rolling mill in
the price range of $400 to $500, I am a petite woman and I undertand
that there are some rolling mills that don’t requiere some much
strenght, If you have any info can you please contact me? thanks

Hello Andrea I can tell you that you can fine a roling mill at Rio
Grande thay have some rolling mills a bout your price range, I see
some there a bout $450 dollars hear there wabe page.
hope it would help you and fine what your loking for. ATT: Alberto

Andrea, There are different gear rations which affect amount of force
and speed. In your case, it may be difficult to buy through a catalog
(like a workbench). Unless you go electric, it will be best to try
’before’ you buy. But, a lot depends on what you are going to use
it for. It is quite easy in mine to simply roll a pattern/tecture
onto annealed silver and gold. My 12 year old grand daughter can roll
it. It’s another story if you want to change a 2" X12" sheet of
silver from 18 to 28 guage (I don’t try this even annealing several
times). Regis

Andrea, you do not need to spend $ 400.00. There are models that will
do everything you can imagine for less than that.

If you go into the Orchid Archives you will see a lot of postings for
KARAT Rolling Mills.

Try to get one with reduction gear that makes it much much easier.
This has been written up many times and there are several Orchidians
that will be glad to answer the questions.

As a manufacturer of these mills we would like you to get the opinion
from fellow users. But if you have any questions we will be glad to

Kenneth Singh.