[Source] Malachite point fans

Need help sourcing 350 Malachite Point Fans

Hello forum,

I received a PO for 350 of one of my necklace designs (please click
link below or copy and paste link in new tab to view pictures of the
necklace frommy ecommerce website)


Problem is I can only get 108 from my current supplier.

Does anyone have any gemstone dealers that would have this exact
style 13 Piece Malachite tapered gemstone bead set.

Dimensions are:

The longest point is approx. 26-28mm and tapers to 12mm. The ends
are polished more to a point. I’ve seen the more standard polished
square point ifthose are available let me know.

Rachel C. Dropp

Try Stachura Wholesale

It is called a fan and finding it in malachite is not easy genuine
malachite has gotten hard to find for some reason

ok I did a search engine search and found this no affiliation good
luck http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep80la