[Source] Makers stamp


I am trying for purchase a makers stamp… like most things there is
a BUT to this !!!. I live in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) I do have
family based in the UK. Can anyone help me as to companies either in
Dubai (pretty unlikely!!!) or in UK who would be able to make such a

Many Thanks.

PS, How and where do we send donations to keep this fantastic list
going ?


 I am trying for purchase a makers stamp 

I can recommend :- Brittains Marking, 287 Moseley Rd. Birmingham,
B12 ODX, UK email: to-mark@brittains-marking.co.uk

Mike Wigmore
In cold & damp Northumberland

Hi Paul I recently had a sponsor mark (maker’s stamp) made in London
UK. As you may or may not know- everything one manufactures in UK
needs to be sent for assay where your product will be tested and
hallmarked with a series of mark ranging from the sponsor mark
(yourmark), the purity of the metal, the location it was tested and
hallmarked and the year it was made. All in varying symbols.

The point of the story is that if you ave someone in UK, they can go
to the assay office in either London (Gutter Lane, EC2 directly
behind Goldsmith’s Hall) or in Birmingham or wherever they are
situated. They will need to get a form which they can fill out and
they will then mail you the relevant forms. You can choose the style
of the shield surrounding you initials or whatever you want. They
have a number of choices but only one of kind are produced. That is,
if there are two sets of initials that are the same, the surounding
"shield" will differ, so the are all unique. You also have a choice
between a striaght punch or swan neck. And also the size in mm. The
stamp will set you back about 130 pounds. I can say that the quality
of these punches are superb and take about three weeks to make.

Good luck
Paul Richter