[Source] Lozenge shape green sapphire

I have a client who is looking for a pair of lozenge shape green
sapphires. Can anyone recommend a dealer who might have these or a
cutter who can cut them for us?


Jim Binnion

James Binnion Metal Arts
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The best cutter I know is John Dyer of Precious Gemstones, in Eau
Claire, WI. I’ve been buying his stones for years and he’s always
first in “Cutting Edge” awards. You’ll be amazed.


John Dyer

       We are father & son gem-cutters who believe the gemstone
       industry is ready for higher quality. We provide
       designers, goldsmiths, and bench jewelers with stones
       worthy of their creative efforts. 

Help others make informed buying decisions with John Dyer. We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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try Eby at Empire Gems, 580 fifth ave ny. Daniel Hakiman at
InterColor Gems. not sure where they are but I have dealt with them
before and they have fine material.