[Source] Liquid Sterling Silver / Heishi Beads

I use quite a few of these solid sterling silver bugle-bead looking
beads in my work, and I also resell them. I’mcurrently ordering
through a middleman (markup!), and I really Need to find the/a
manufacturer. Normally I have no trouble with this, but this is such
an obscure item and I haven’t found a solution yet, other than
manufacturing my own through a metal fabricator.

I would really appreciate anyone’s help or info.

If you know of a manufacturer for Any type of precious metal beads,
I’d also be interested.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you tried Rings N Things? I bought these from them awhile back.

IJS has them in two sizes, item numbers are 117-LS332 and 117-LS332X

im pretty sure you can buy something through rio grande to do
this,seems like they could tell you who to buy from if you dont
want to make your own,rodney